DIY Dog Pendants - Handmade in 14k Gold or Sterling Silver


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

Create a lasting memorial of a beloved dog or other pet or animal.  Photographed here is "Winston" a custom DIY pendant in 14k gold created using the lost wax method from his photographs.  Our DIY pet portraits offer a jewelry keepsake of the animals that we love - dog, cat, horse, pig, bird, mule, or other wonderful creature.  Each piece is handmade and we can custom design your pet as well recreating their image into sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold.  

The sample prices are for the oval design.  A "New" design is for the creation of a breed we haven't yet included in our models.  "Repeat Design" is If it's a breed we already have in our models; the price is reduced to alter the existing design to your dog's individual characteristics.  

Please e-mail us for information at:  Let us know your dog, (or cat, horse, etc) breed. 

All Animal Jewelry is a brand of Tom O and Lisa's Jan David Design Jewelers.