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Spiral Sterling Silver Hoop Anticlastic Earrings


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

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A classic spiral, smooth and timeless, eye-catching and elegant yet modern and oh so cool.

For those of you into math...Fibonacci's sequence in it's elegant form. Love it when a woman can stop a man in his tracks when they admire her earrings and she responds with an offhand reference..."yes, Fibonacci's mathematical sequence" 

We carried these in our brick and mortar custom jewelry shop for years until the handicraftsman who made them tragically died. We have searched for someone else to make them for the past six years and finally found someone! Anticlastic is a very specialized jewelry technique that not many jewelers specialize in so we are o enjoyed. These are favorite; I have a pair and whenever I wear them people ALWAYS ask where they can get a pair. SO... I had four pair, and two are already gone before I can post them!

These will become your favorite pair of earrings to wear this summer!