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Pearls and Pink Tourmaline Necklace


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

Another one of a kind. 19.5 inches. Hand strung on white silk thread. Individually knotted. A mix of genuine cultured Japanese pearls (known as Akoya pearls), genuine cultured Chinese freshwater pearls and genuine pink tourmaline faceted pear shape beads.  The Akoyas are 3mm and 5mm round, white with high luster (shine), some orient (play of color), a light pink overtone, an excellent make (how well the pearls match) and thick nacre. The freshwater pearls are known as petal pearls because of their shape; they are  white with beautiful luster and orient and an excellent make. 14k gold 3mm stardust beads (refers to the finish on the bead) and a 14k filigree pearl clasp.

I am known as The Pearl Lady with over 30 years experience specializing in pearls from around the world. If you have a question about pearls, please ask...hopefully I'll have the answer.

A pearl clasp is designed to catch on itself should it accidentally become unclasped.