Oyster Shell Pendant - Handmade in 14k Gold or Sterling Silver


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

Not just another pretty Shell -  beautiful, realistic, solid, custom designed, finished front and back!  Tomo created this Oyster Shell Pendant from an actual seashell.  All the details of the Oyster Shell can be seen in this beautiful 3D Pendant, a perfect gift for yourself or anyone who loves shells, treasures from the sea. The pearls may be Freshwater round or round buttons and can vary between 6 and 8.5mm depending on availability. The pearls are always clean (no blemishes) and with beautiful nacre (the shine).  The pearls are half drilled and glued in place. Please note: price and availability of the pearls fluctuate.   Jewelry inspired by nature.

Dimensions: 24 x 23mm, 5/16 x 7/8 inch