Octopus Ring, Oval - Handmade in 14k Gold or Sterling Silver


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

Solid, finished inside and out, realistic and detailed.  We have two rings, this one is the larger.  The octopus is entwined on an oval frame.  The band ( the shank) is a  3.5 x 1.5mm half round.  Look closely at all the details: the arms, the eyes, the breathing tube, the head (mantle), and all the suction cups.  Well, not all.  It was rather impossible to attempt the more than 2,000 suction cups an octopus has, however, there are enough to give anyone the sense of having a real but very small octopus right there on their finger! A very comfortable ring and low profile so it won't easily get caught on your clothing.  

 Dimensions:  26x17mm, 1 x 11/16 inches

Available in all sizes