Double Bunny Rabbit Ring Hand Made in Sterling or Gold


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

Two bunnies in play in a series of swirls and flowers, with or without two gemstones. Our jewelry is different and unique because each wax is detailed before casting. We remove all seam lines, pits or other blemishes and then sharpen the details. Definitely not mass-manufactured. The swirls and flower petals catch the light. A wide ring, the open pattern makes this ring easy to wear. The gems are two round cabochons (flat on the bottom, rounded on top) available in red garnet or moonstone. They're small, so don't expect a lot of color in the moonstones.

Price listed is for a size 7 1/2. Almost all sizes are available, please ask for a price quote expecting about $25 for each size up and $15 for each size down in sterling; about $40 for each size up in gold, and $20 for each size down. The difference between going up and down in size is not only the metal but the time it takes to alter the design up is more difficult and time consuming than sizing down.