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Kraken, Octopus Pendant - Custom Made in 18k, Sterling and Diamonds


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

Sold! Christmas present for some lucky woman1  The new octopus, Oracle, will be ready to post on our site in August.... apologies, COVID has us a little behind.

Brand new item. This is Kraken, the latest in our custom, one-of-a-kind octopus pendants. Hand made, Tom first manipulated Lisa's original octopus wax wrapping the legs around the frame and the centerpiece, a gorgeous and lustrous cultured freshwater pearl. Then Lisa finalized the wax, crisping up the details including the hundreds of suction cups, eyes, the breathing tube and skin texture. Tom cast the octopus in sterling and the frame in 18 karat yellow. After finishing the pieces, Tom set diamonds in the frame then soldered the pieces together and applied a final polish. The back is signed and dated, Kraken - April 2017, and stamped with our logo.

One of a kind. Each of our octopus pendants is very special.