Hand Carved Exquisite Italian Cameo - Jesus Christ


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

Truly exquisite. A beautiful cameo hand carved by a master craftsman.

Cameos are carved from shell or layered rock, such as agate.  Carving through the layers gives the artist the ability for shading the design in increments of light and dark, and, in some cases, color.  When using shell, typically conch, the darker the shell the harder it is.  Amateurs use the lighter shell, it's easier to carve.  Master craftsmen use dark shell.  Another hallmark of cameo quality are the details: how finely shaped are the nose, chin, brow and ears, the flowers and other details?  Last, an exceptional cameo is an unusual design which this piece certainly is.

This is a one and only from a family of cameo artists in Naples, Italy carved from dark conch.  Alone as a collectable art piece or have it set as a pendant, brooch, or both.  

Dimensions:  30x31mm, or about 1 3/8 inches