Gorgeous Freshwater Pearl Necklace - 18.5 inches


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

11.5 to 12.5mm large genuine cultured pearls. These pearls are baroque off-rounds and referred to as circles (pronounced "sir-clays") for the lined ridges. These are a natural light peach body color with good luster, a nice make (how well the pearls match), some blemish but not visually overpowering or detrimental, a clear bead spacer between each pearl. Large and heavy pearls, this strand is an exception and was strung on wire for durability (Heavy strands will stretch out silk thread in no time). The clasp and end beads are sterling silver, very modern geometric look.

I am the Pearl Lady, pearls have been my specialty for more than 30 years in the high end jewelry industry. If you have a question, please ask.