DIY Jewelry - Animal Portrait Memento


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

DIY, a pin or pendant of a pet or animal that means so much to you...or to someone you know and want to give a very, very special present to.  Horse, dog, cat, mule, bunny, bird, or other beautiful creature...we'll make it for you.  Handmade here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA, using the ancient art of lost wax casting.

There are two options:  the slightly larger oval pendant or a round pendant. For each design there are two prices, one for a "Repeat Design" the other for "New."  With "Repeat Design" IF we have the breed already in stock, then I alter our wax to resemble your pet using images you provide.  Because a portion of the design is already accomplished we are able to decrease the cost.

"You totally out did yourself, I can’t even put into words how good he came out. My mom was ecstatic and cried tears of joy! We always said Toby’s eyes were his signature and I have no clue how you captured them so perfectly. Thank you again!" Kristen Z.

♥ We will make a donation to our local shelter for every piece sold.