Beautiful Big Multicolored Cultured Pearl Necklace


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

17.5 inches long. Gorgeous, large cultured freshwater pearls with high luster (the shine), a good make (how well they match each other), and unblemished (eye clean from about 8 inches). 11-11.5mm x 10-10.5mm. Egg shape baroque circles' (pronounced "sir-clays") are naturally multicolored in soft tones of peach, lavender and white. Hand strung and knotted on silk thread. Finished with a 14k filigree pearl clasp and large 6mm 14k beads. A pearl clasp has the design feature of catching on itself rather than falling off should it come undone.

I am the Pearl Lady with over 30 years in custom high end jewelry. If you have a question about pearls, please ask.