Diamond Tahitian Black Pearl Earrings - Handmade in 14k White Gold - SOLD


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

Title: 14k White Gold

A vintage look but modern made. Genuine diamond and Tahitian Black Pearls. The post is set in the center; an important point!  Otherwise, like many earrings, if it was near the top then the earring isn't centered on the ear and instead is at the edge of your ear looking as if it's ripped through your ear.

Lisa is meticulous in selecting pearls as if every pair were for herself; she does not buy "lots" (as pearls are sold); she inspects every one.  Pearl dealers that don't like that have learned to change their mind; it's better for everyone.  This pair is a symmetrical drop...Lisa's favorite shape for an earring, especially a large earring.  The elongated shape is so beautiful!  The pearls are glue set on a 14k capped screw eye.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 14 mm Symmetrical Drops
                      54 Diamonds weighing 0.39 tcw