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Amazing Cultured Pearl Necklace - Big Gorgeous Pearls


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

One and one only. These enormous pearls are a baroque dragon shape and vary in size from one at 14x14.5mm to the others at about 21x23mm. Very high luster (shine), unblemished, excellent make (how well they match each other), silver body color with some orient (play of color). 19 inches long, hand strung on silk thread and finished with 14 karat yellow gold extra large 12.5mm round filigree pearl clasp, four 8mm corrugated 14k beads and two 4mm 14k rondel beads.

I am the Pearl Lady. I have specialized in pearls from around the world for over 30 years in high end custom jewelry. If you have any questions about pearls, please ask. Google may have all the answers but not the subtleties.

A pearl clasp is engineered to catch on itself should the clasp accidentally pull apart.