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Pelican Pendant - Handmade in 14k Rose Gold


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

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- Design Idea ONLY - NFS

This lovely Pelican Pendant was DIY and handmade as a memorial in 14k gold.  Created by Tomo for a grieving widow to commemorate the love and loss of her husband.  She came to Tom and asked if he could melt down her husband's 14k gold wedding band and create memorial jewelry, a Pelican Pendant to remember him by.  Pelicans had always been special to her and her husband.  After some discussion Tom suggested that they incorporate the 14k gold wedding band, as it was, into the design.  Here is the result, a rose gold Pelican Pendant flying through the yellow 14k gold wedding band so she can keep him close to her heart.  She has worn and enjoyed this piece for almost 40 years. 

DIY, design it yourself and have us make it for you!  Design your own memorial jewelry with the help of Tomo and Lisa with over 60 years of combined experience.  Our jewelry is handmade in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in USA in either sterling silver or gold.