Pet Portraits Jewelry - DIY Image of Your Beloved Pet as a Pendant or Brooch

Handmade image of your pet in Sterling Silver or 14k Gold as a pin or pendant. Jewelers and craftsmen Thomas Owczarzak and Lisa Voelker beautifully recreate your pet into a piece of jewelry.

Our beloved pets are such an integral part of our lives, our spirit, our psyche.  One never realizes how truly unique our relationship is until one becomes part of our life, our family,  We establish a bond with them. Whether dog, cat, horse, mule, goat, cow or bird, whatever the creature, we share our lives with them.  Animals give us an emotional outlet, we care for them and in caring for them we become attached to them.  Sometimes our hearts are won over immediately, the moment we see them, or touch them, or pick up the kitten or puppy.  Sometimes we rescue an animal in distress, we help them recover and we find in doing so a connection to the world we live in that is living at it's essence, our connection to the world.  Through the years we have helped people design for themselves a portrait of their pet.  Send us a photo of your pet.  Several photos are best, giving us close-ups for their face from different angles so that me may capture their individual characteristics that endeared them to you, such as a certain grin, a floppy ear, a cute little nose.  Let us know what  we can make for you.  Better yet, surprise a friend or a loved one with a Pet Portrait. (Be ready with a tissue!)

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."  Anatole France