On the Farm - Handmade Farm Animal Jewelry

Sterling Silver or 14k Gold pendants, rings and earrings of various farm animals handmade by artists, fine jewelers Tom O and Lisa Voelker.  Little sculptures. There is nothing like life on a bucolic farm. The day stars with a rooster greeting the morning, chickens working their way across the side yard, sheep with their lambs in the barnyard, the goats scaling the farm equipment and irrigation pipe looking for a way to the berries over the fence, the horses and mules mingling with a few head of cattle in the way back, and the goats, busily eating everything.  There's the barn cat and the house cat and at least a good dog or two who keep everyone else about their business.  Several geese noisily make their way across the back pasture, it seems a fox made off with some of their eggs last night when the dogs were in.  There's something special about animals, each in their own way.