Oceanic, Marine and Nautical Jewelry - Waves, Whales, Dolphins, Shells, Seahorses and More

Marine life and ocean waves as pendants, rings and earrings created by artists and award winning jewelers Tom Owczarzak and Lisa Voelker of All Animal Jewelry.  Handmade jewelry. Created in the Pacific Northwest - a cultural center of arts and crafts in America today.

The roar of the ocean, the power of waves, the crashing surf, the mesmerizing power of a tsunami witnessed from a helicopter, the still quiet of an ocean broken by the breaching of a whale, a sea turtle emerging from the surf and laboriously making it's way to where she will bury her eggs, a waterspout witnessed from a barkentine on the Mediterranean, the tide pools created by a receding tide, a surfer towed in to an enormous big wave, the sun setting in a blaze of color and a flash of green.  The ocean, it is the stuff of legends, it is our collective heartbeat, it is our essence.  Enjoy our collection of whales and waves, seals and shells, octopus, starfish, and dolphins.  An ideal gift for anyone who feels a connection to the ocean.

"...my soul is full of longing
   For the secret of the sea,
  And the heart of the great ocean
 Sends a thrilling pulse through me."  Longfellow