Mythological Creatures

All of our Mythological Creatures feature exquisite and beautiful detail, in many cases, finished on both the front and back. Each piece is handmade often with scales, fangs, horns or talons unique to themselves.  We pride ourselves in capturing the realism of each animal even if their origin is unknown.  We also wear and use these amazing pieces so we may use a large bail to accommodate a suitable chain or finish the piece so it may stand on its own.  As with a our candle snuffers, you may choose to display a dragon or faerie on your mantle.   

Tom and Lisa create every piece using the ancient lost wax process.  Then they cast each piece here in the Pacific Northwest, USA in either Sterling Silver or 14k Gold.   We inspect every piece to ensure our quality and detail is second to none.

Our Mythological Creatures Collection form part a small of Tosa Fine Jewelry that sort of stretches the definition of "animal" but are nonetheless amazing Legendary Creatures.