Garden Inspired Handmade Jewelry

Handmade little sculptures of flowers, ova, leaves and trees, frogs, butterflies, birds, lizards and turtles by award winning artists and jewelers Tom O and Lisa Voelker.  Gardens, they are as therapeutic as they are a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the world.  Of a childhood morning in a very urban San Diego neighborhood, we would awaken to the lovely, melodic sounds of mourning doves.  Peeking through the shutters to watch the cat birds hunt worms in their measured cadence: run really, really fast, stop and stand upright, slightly open wings in a perpendicular aspect in two beats, repeat from the beginning.  Silly birds!  Anna's and Ruby throated hummingbirds were heard before they were seen, their wings a blur, their chirping challenges to one another as they found nectar and insects from bottle brush bush, ice plant, bird of paradise and other potted plants and hedges.  Flowers abound, spring time the air is thick with their sweet scent floating on the heavy warm air. Such beauty is found in a garden.  Our designs are made in the USA.  Handmade sterling silver jewelry and 14 karat gold jewelry as art, nature in jewelry.