Animal Lovers' Candle Snuffers

Candle Snuffers make a perfect wedding gift, house warming gift or a romantic gift because to use one you have to light candles! Go ahead...set the mood for a romantic evening or for festive activities and enjoy the last moment, snuffing out the candle with a candle snuffer! For everyone who enjoys aromatherapy, having a candle snuffer is an elegant touch marking the act of extinguishing the flame.   A favorite is the Dragon (we call him Puff) the smoke comes out his nostrils!  By the by, the first known use of the word, candle snuffer, was 1552!  Give yourself, or a friend, an exquisite gift!  Contact us to DIY and come up with your own design to warm the heart of loved ones.  The candle snuffers are designed by Tom, created and cast using the ancient lost wax method.  Made in the USA.  Handmade sterling silver jewelry at it's finest!