Treasure Hunt

Okay, so you've found a pretty piece of jewelry that you know she'll just love! The question is, now what? Or, perhaps you didn't even know there was a question. Yes, there is and I'll tell you why. Giving a gift is terrific, and you are awesome to do so, and yes, it's enough BUT if you make it a memory then that gift, even a beautiful $45 pair of earrings, becomes dear.  If you have to ask, "what the heck is dear?" then you really need to heed this advice!  MAKE IT SPECIAL!  So, here's the reason it's important to YOU to make it special.  If that gift has a story that goes along with it, that story will be told again and again and you are a hero every time it gets told. Every time the story is told it reaffirms to her that she means something special enough to you that you did this amazing thing for her.  It didn't take a lot of effort, but that's what's even more amazing, 'cause that's not really who you are.  You did it because you did it for her. Points, baby, points. We're talking free throw line.

So, now what?  

Fair question. We have over thirty years of making memories and lots of ideas.  Here's one that's always a winner if the person enjoys puzzles and fun, a treasure hunt! You can accomplish this in several ways.  The easiest is to hide it somewhere in your home and then write a note on your computer, roll it up and tie it with a ribbon, or stick it in a bottle (message in a bottle!), or put it in a box and wrap that up and leave it somewhere conspicuous like...put it in her pocket and when she finds it at work she'll build with anticipation looking forward to getting home and finding what you've done! Or, put it on her pillow so she finds it that night. Or, put it in her car on the car seat.  Or, put it on a plate and have the table set and pretty, even if it's pizza (get her favorite)! The note can be simple or complicated depending on how much effort you want to put into it.  A simple concept can include something like a mysterious clue: "Things are never where you expect them, and always where you didn't think you'd left them.  Try checking your coat pocket." Now, that could be really interesting if she has a lot of coats...and that's the whole point!  But you have to hold your tongue and just smile and laugh as she goes on the hunt.  Believe me, later when she's telling the story she'll say something like, "...I thought I'd looked everywhere and he just kept laughing at me.  All that fool would do was smile, it was so irritating! I looked through our coat  closet and all the coats hanging up at the back door completely forgetting about the coat on my chair that I just took off!  Did I think he could've slipped it in there? No! So an hour later I finally find it and he's just laughing and laughing! Oh, he can be so irritating, but sooooooooo sweet.  Aren't they beautiful!"

So there you go! Have fun and keep checking in, I'll post more ideas and true stories on Romantic Fool blog.                                                                                                                                                                   

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