New Jewelry From All Animal Jewelry

Adorable New Cat Pendant Available to Buy Online

Tom and I worked together to make an adorable little cat pendant.  The playful kitty is lying on her back inside the outline of a heart (we designed the heart in the 80's).  

Tom and I love creating jewelry.  Jewelry can be made using machines and lasers, which is fine for what it is, but handmade art appeals to us.  Using the ancient art of lost wax casting we create most of our jewelry.  Most?  Yes, sometimes we fabricate...which means that we shape and solder together sheet metal and wire.  We've made a new kitty pendant by carving the original in wax and then, through an involved process, Tom cast the piece in 14k gold.  We then make a mold from which we get duplicates of the kitty so now we have them in sterling silver of gold.  

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