Such a pretty strand of gemstone beads, but they're broken, what to do?

     Q:  I've had my grandmother's strand of hand cut crystal beads restrung so many times, last time I had it done they didn't last a day! Whats' wrong?

    A:  Not all beads are created equal nor are all beads drilled in a standard manner.  The beads can have a smooth drill hole, or not so much, depending on both what they are and how they were drilled.  Crystal and glass can cut through silk, cotton or poly blend stringing thread just rattling around in a drawer! Even beads that don't normally cut through thread will do so if the drill hole is all raggedy.  The only solution is to string the beads on a specialty wire thread made for stringing.  My favorite is Accuron, a stainless steel and nylon coated thread.  You don't get the "look" of knotting between beads, but then again, your strand will stay intact!

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