Plated and Other Foibles at Christmas

There's a few priorities most gift givers have, and one is that the present is well received.  Once past that point, we then hope that the purchase was a good deal and that it is what we were told.  Sometimes these two variables are a challenge. I wish I could say that this was only true in the jewelry industry but it seems that this phenomenon is quite pervasive with all products these days. Let's stick to the point: jewelry...

Christmas time is absolutely the worst for misleading advertising.  Jewelry with "real" brand name stones does NOT mean that the stones are actually gemstones, just a name brand fake.  Rings with genuine rhodium plating does NOT mean that the base metal under that rhodium plating is anything other than some pot metal.  "Black" diamonds are basically crystalized carbon that in years past were made into saw blades, sandpaper, and tool bits until an unsuspecting public willing to pay for a "bargain" became too busy, too hopeful, or both, to educate themselves. "Genuine" Marjorca pearls are not, in fact, pearls at all; they are an imitation pearl.  

The simple rule is this; if you're going to spend a considerable portion of your budget then take the time to do a little comparison shopping and ask questions.  Ask me for that matter, it's a quick email.

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