J.J. The Baby Whale

In 1997 a 3 day old baby gray whale was found washed ashore near Marina Del Ray in California.  As a native San Diegan, an admirer of animals, and sculpting whales on a small scale for All Animal Jewelry, I was drawn to this baby whale. Whale Necklace

The little orphan was rescued and transported to Sea World in San Diego, where they found little hope for the whale's survival. But, survive she did.  The little whale was named J. J. in honor of Sea World colleague Judi Jones.  J.J. the baby whale is how everyone came to know and refer to her.  She lived for a little over a year at Sea World and gained almost 18,000 pounds by the time she was carefully released back into the ocean.  J.J. the baby whale was accepted into a pod of gray whales and has been migrating with them ever since.  But that's not the end of the story.  J.J. the baby whale was a popular ambassador for marine ecology and so, when local activist Mary Coakley and Friends of La Jolla Shores decided to renovate the Kellog Park area of La Jolla Shores there seemed no more perfect tribute to place in the park for children and all San Diegans, than a sculpture of J.J.  Incredible dedication realized that dream and J.J. the Baby Whale is there at La Jolla Shores, a realistic and full size beautiful sculpture.

Whale at Park

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