Blue Whales Singing in The Deep Blue Sea

This past summer Blue Whales followed currents, krill and fish to the Pacific Coast.  We don't often get the chance to see Blue WMother and Calf Sperm Whale pendanthales here on the Pacific Coast, so it was very exciting to watch these beautiful, immense creatures.  Marine life is a favorite genre in creating our jewelry here at All Animal Jewelry. It's important to be able to observe the creatures we re-create in miniature sculptures as jewelry in addition to utilizing close-up photographs of specific features. Seeing is one thing, but on this adventure we had the awesome experience of HEARING the Blue Whales sing!

My daughter's husband, Damien, and I took off out of San Diego harbor in a small craft with a very shallow draft.  This proved to be providential being so close to the water. About 10 miles out we came upon our first Blue Whales; they are so long, up to 100 feet, that their movement through water is elegant.  Damien pipes up with an intriguing question: "Can you hear the whales under water?"  Well, of course, recordings of whale song, especially the humpback whale, is pretty well known.  However, his question had meaning and I was on the same page....could WE hear the whales right now?  The captain for our little vessel couldn't have guessed what happened next: Damien, at midships, put his head in the water and, as the little boat bobbed about, I anxiously waited.  At last he pulled up. "Well," asked the captain.  ""You bet! Of course!"  I was so excited, but at that very moment the captain engaged the engine and off we went following the whales out to sea.  

Soon we found a small pod of several Blue Whales.  Damien came to the bow and asked if I'd like to hear the whales.  Of course! However, the captain said it was time to go and we came about ant set out for the distant harbor.  Soon, however, there were more whales and he slowed. I looked over my right shoulder and saw he was cutting the engines.  I looked over my right and saw Damien half submerged, again!  Not wanting to disturb Damien's experience, I went over the side but I was at the bow so there was some distance between me and the water.  I wrapped a leg and a wrist through the lines and over I went.  Damien looked up in time to see me going in and, thinking I had abandoned all inhibition and was actually going swimming, he was soon at my legs hanging on.  I was happily upside down and head first in the Pacific.  As the boat bobbed and I was able I'd call out assuring them I was fine; they were not assured.

Letting go of all other experience, concentrating on the sounds from the ocean, there came from far away an eerie sound that gradually built to a beautiful string of sustained notes that tapered off only to begin again.  I was hearing BLUE WHALES SINGING in the deep blue sea!  It was such an exciting moment and I am so glad to have shared it with Damien.  Cursory research into blue whales has yielded that their song is gradually lowering in pitch.  We heard a higher pitch than the recordings I've listened to online.  Perhaps there were other whales unseen by us, perhaps not.  If you find yourself in San Diego, the best whale watching is done in small boats. I like Adventure RIB Rides the best...have a great time!

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Alyssa said:

Here is my offering for the whale altar:There is a place where foesrt and mountains and sea come together. Joining them together is a wide ribbon of many colored pebbles and rocks and shells and sea glass, each with a story to share. They can be heard in the gentle sighing as the wavelets caress them and recede. An altar has been created from large flat rocks and drift wood. The rocks have been carried from the mountains to the sea by rains & winds. These rocks are cool & slightly damp to touch. The slabs are tones of gray & faintly sparkle with flecks of mica & pyrite. The driftwood is soft brown, whitened by the salts & minerals of the sea. We come here, those of us who are Dreamers. We have come in our own time; some singly, some in groups. This is an altar to the whales & others who dwell in the waters of the Mother. Though the altar is bare at first, we offer our gifts to the waters & place them on & around it. Each offering is unique to each Dreamer. Some are objects, some are thought forms, some dance, some sing, some offer the quiet & healing of meditation & prayer. The altar seems to expand to hold all of these so that they are not crowded. We each depart in our own time & along our own path. But we never truly leave. Perhaps in time, this altar, this space, will become a meeting place for all Dreamers in all dimensions. Perhaps it will become a sanctuary; a place of refuge. As we part each is gifted with a symbol that is unique to them to help them with the pathwork of their Dreaming.Blessings to all.

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