There Be Whales!

I was recently on the right coast.  It's an annual trip to visit relatives and places near and dear to me. As usual, there were changes from previous years, most of them good, some great.  In particular was what was new and different in Gloucester, Massachusetts that led me out onto the deep blue Atlantic sea to humpback whales.  Humpback whales are a favorite, their form and long pectoral fins make them a beautiful subject for our jewelry! See our pendants and rings at All Animal Jewelry.

whale pendantWhale ring in silver

 Different can surprise you. In my case, I happened onto Lisbon, New Hampshire where I met some wonderful people who loaned me their kayak to explore the beautiful and wild Ammonoosuc River.  I happened onto the New Hampshire Highland Games in Lincoln, New Hampshire at Loon Mountain.  This three day event is crazy fun with sheep dog trials, a thousand or more pipers, Highland dance competition, crazy strange food like rumbledethumps, and zany fun music from individual artists like Charlie Zahm and Alastair or groups like CELTICA and ABANAUGH . I did not happen to see any moose....AGAIN! It's only been 20 years, but who's counting.  Natives laugh then, in genuine concern, tell me where I will definitely see moose all to no avail; I stake out the area, quiet as a mouse, and moose.  There's always next year.

I firWhale pendantst visited Gloucester, Massachusetts with my mother, an educator, when I was a wee thing 5 years of age.  (That's a stretch, I've never been a wee thing; I was nicknamed the Bomb from the start and ended up 5'11" by the time I was 15.) I've been back to Gloucester innumerable times ever since & would stay at a gorgeous Victorian B & B, but it sold last year and is now a restaurant.  Just down the road is the Yankee Whale Fleet, but they changed up this past year and now head out to blue water with fishermen.  I arrived in Gloucester late at night, disappointed at what I found but not deterred.  I soon found the Vista Motel and it was great!  The owner directed me to 7 Seas Whale Watching, also fabulous!  Cute Whale Ring in silver

 I arrived early and simultaneously with a large bus of high school students from Manchester, Connecticut.  The 7 Seas staff were courteous and attentive getting everyone parked and where they needed to be.  It was a brilliant late September day and calm seas were waiting.  The students were fun, inquisitive, intelligent and courteous.  The captain made his way out to sea while the biologist spoke with clarity and solid, interesting information.  And then, there were whales!

We came upon an association of two whales, a well known female named Owl for the color pattern on her flukes.  The two would surface off the port bow and within minutes dive and come up somewhere off the right bow by several hundred feet.  Soon, however, there were four whales in a tight group.  The water was so clear, the northern light so perfect, that the near vertical dives of the beautiful whales were easily traced into the depths by watching the light illuminate the elegant, long pectoral fins that characterize these whales.

Then we were surprised!  Humpback whales are curious creatures and soon the little pod leisurely floated over to our ship, mid ships on the port side, where they bobbed about in the water for several minutes before resuming their hunt!  What a great day in Gloucester!

 Whale Tail Pendant in 14k Gold

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