Jewelry Trends - Colored Diamonds

This sham continues to bilk people out of their hard earned money and or shatter their innocent joy.  Just when you think you've bought, or given, a rare gem it turns out it's not.  Doesn't feel good and I have absolutely no patience with all the jewelers who practice this deception.  Here's the bottom line: a FANCY COLORED DIAMOND is a rare gem whose the color spectrum are similar to bird's feathers of the tropical rainforest...bright and beautiful, no subtlety and definitely no steely tint to it.  "Fancy Colored Diamond" is also a federally protected term.  What many stores are selling are "Colored Diamonds."  Definitely NOT the same thing.  Typically, poor quality diamonds are radiated to make them have a colored hue (this is where the steely undertones come in).  Colored diamonds are cheap imitators of the real deal.  Don't be fooled and don't buy those stones so they can go back to what they used to do with them...make saw blades.
March 18, 2017 20 tags (show)