How Hard is Your Birthstone?

First, its' important to know that the Moh's Hardness Scale is outdated.  It's a guideline only.  Second, it's at least as important to know that the hardness scale has got absolutely nothing to do with how easily a stone can break; that's referred to as how brittle a stone is, or, the stone's 'cleavage.'  Last, some months have more than one birthstone (with but one exception, this was due to a blending of ancient birthstone lists from around the world and through time.  The one exception, December's tanzanite, was purely a marketing ploy.)  Here they are:

January:  Garnet  6.5-7.5

February: Amethyst  7

March: Aquamarine  7.5-8

April: Diamond 10

May: Emerald  7.5-8

June: Pearl  2.5-4.5

July: Ruby  9

August: Peridot  6.5-7

September: Sapphire  9

October: Opal  5.5-6.5

November: Precious Topaz  8

December: Turquoise  5-6


Photo:  14k Gold Dove Pendant Hand Made in the Pacific Northwest by All Animal Jewelry,

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