Sadie Mae & the Humane Society

Pretty kitty ring in silver or 14k gold Ever been to the Humane Society? When I was in college my best friend, Jenny,  lost her cat to a very bad car.  With good intentions I set off for the San Luis Obispo Humane Society to find a kitty.  Walking through their grounds I passed the puppy pen, an outside area that had a dog house and very few puppies.  I already had a dog, a dog I loved very much, a dog I'd waited for "my whole life", so there wasn't a problem in stopping to say hello and give a pat to this   Pretty Kitty Silver Ring!

cute but gangly and mangy, long legged, Heinz 157 pup. Just about as soon as I reached over and said "Hello there little puppy" two things happened.  The puppy melted and the dog house exploded.  It was 101 Dalmatians all over again but it was the siblings of this little hobo that had melted under human touch. Think little kids and the school yard is a tough place? Hah! Those little mongrels were vicious to that sweet pup, the only sweet one in the litter.  Reaching down and scooping up the pup it didn't matter what I was going to do with the pup, only that she needed to be out of there.  As a college student with a dog, it was already interesting finding a place to live.  Now there were two! I ended up giving her as a gift to someone I was in a relationship with but who soon thereafter didn't want her; they wanted to be "free" of all responsibilities.  Good for me.  I'd named the little girl Sadie Mae since she looked like a little hillbilly from the Ma and Pa Kettle movies. I'd loved her from the moment I saw her so she was welcome.  Sadie Mae was a great dog. Sadie was loved by all our neighbors and she loved everyone. We buried her in our backyard in my husband's baby blanket, and, as in the story Where the Red Fern Grows, ferns now grow there. 

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