Mother By Any Name

There is a wooded corner of my friend's farm near their Oregon farmhouse. One night, letting out the dogs, there was such a fuss! Sure enough, the dogs had crossed paths with a little family of RACCOONS, a mama and her two crawl-alongs.  With the dogs called inside, mama coon, who had stood her ground, called to the little coons that had each scampered up two different fir trees. 

Mama coon went back and forth from tree to tree calling up to her babies.  Back and forth, back and forth, she'd stand up against the tree with one forefoot raised calling up to her baby in the pretty trilling call that coons have.  Then she'd busilly cross over to the other tree and repeat the plea in coon talk, "Come down baby!"  It became apparent she was fed up for up a tree she went, quick and smart, straight up without hesitation to her baby. Once there she promptly raised a front paw and whacked that baby right across the face.  Equally promptly that baby climbed right down the tree.  Mama followed, scampered over to the other tree and was only partway there when the other baby practically ran down the tree to join them!  

There are behaviors that we may think of and subscribe to just human beings.  Watch animals enough and you'll find there's a lot of similarities in how all creatures behave!  A mother by any name is just that: a mother!

  Raccoon Pendant

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