Season of the Frogs

In the sunny little beach town of La Jolla, California there yet remains wild canyons inhabited with a variety of snakes, horned lizards, blue belly lizards, and frogs.  A little stream trickles through the north end of Rose Canyon and there, during the early spring, mossy clouds would appear.  When I was a small child and would walk home after school I meandered through the canyon searching for wild things. Once found I'd watch them, claim them, and then expect them day after day.  Finding the mossy clouds was exciting because it heralded the onset of the season of the frogs.  Through the days and weeks that followed the appearance of the mossy clouds there would next appear the gelatinous mass of tiny eggs, then the tadpoles would appear as an oval within the egg, gradually a tail would emerge, then the tadpoles would have hiccups of wiggling, and finally, break free of their eggs.  

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Once free the tadpoles were usually found in a somewhat comatose state, barely moving in the water until an intruder appeared. Over time little buds that became small legs appeared and soon, very slowly, the tail began to shorten. And finally, there they were, frogs!  Too soon the frogs were gone, hopping off to wherever frogs hop off to. Every day was so exciting to see what may have occurred in the last 24 hours.  This story doesn't end happily, by the time I was in junior high school the stream was poisoned as part of the city's mosquito control program. 

Our All Animal Jewelry is created and cast here in the Pacific Northwest to remind us to meander through the canyons every now and again.  Realistic treasures in sterling silver and 14kt gold.  

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