One Fast Dog

I've beCustom Dog Pendant, pinen very lucky to have had the companionship of four great dogs and all of them have great stories. Coco, like her two predecessors, was found at the local dog pound.  A 3 month old puppy, she was older and had a long coat. A three month old dog can come home with a lot of bad habits and a long hair coat brings home lots of sand from the beach.  No matter, both my young son and I saw in her eyes love and hope.  We scooped her up and brought her home.  An auburn feathery coat, we named her Coco and dressed up her humble beginnings with the surname Chanel. Coco fit right in with our family and community.  Coco accompanied me everywhere I volunteered: with the schools, community sports teams and many organizations.  In no time we found that Coco was quite the athlete, she could run and jump like no other dog I'd ever seen.  From a standing position she could leap through the window of my Ford Explorer onto my lap!  A farmer friend had a new dog, a fast brilliant sheep dog.  Coco was younger by a bit and ran circles around that dog until she wore him out, but he was happy about panting all the way into the house.  One day I packed up the kids and their friends into the Explorer and had to leave Coco home with my husband.  Off we went, out of the neighborhood and at 25 mph up and down hill for the next half mile then pulling through the stop light onto the rural highway that runs through our little beach town.  Checking my rear and side views I noticed traffic behind me swerving to the right, left and even stopping mid-highway.  I cautiously braked continuing to check my mirrors and then saw the traffic hazard: Coco was running pell mell trying to keep up with us!  What a dog! We hurriedly got her into the car and tried, no matter what, never to leave her home again!

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