Understanding Diamond Weight and Size

We each have more than 35 years in the jewelry business and yet I will still find articles written in the jewelry industry trades misusing the terms carat and karat. Here's the basics...

Karat is the term for metal purity.  Carat is the term for stone weight.  The term carat is believed to originate from one of the earliest counterweights used when measuring gems, the carob seed.  

Understanding the weight of diamonds is simple if you understand the decimal system, because that's the exact same basis of carats, just different terms.  1 carat = 1 dollar. 100 points to a carat, 100 cents in a dollar.  One half dollar is half a carat.  Fifty cents is written as 0.50 carats or stated as 50 points.  A dime is 10 points.  A quarter carat is also 25 points which is similar to saying 25 cents or a quarter.  When looking for a diamond is you want a carat size stone be prepared to know if you want exactly a carat or can it be a little heavy or a little lighter, which will have everything to do with your budget.

As far as size, which is different than shape, the most important factor to be aware of is the misconception that a carat diamond will cost twice as much as one half it's weight.  As diamond size increases, the price does so exponentially.

Photo: Custom designed and hand made 14 karat and Diamond pendant by Tom Owczarzak of Jan David, Inc. (All Animal Jewelry, Jan David Design Jewelers, Tosa Fine Jewelry)

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