The Amazing Green Garnets

Yes, indeed, there are not one but two different varieties of garnet that are green:  Tsavorite, Demantoid and each are quite different.  Tsavorite (a variety of the species grossular garnet) was first discovered in Tanzania in the late 1960s.  Tsavorite is as hard as emerald but not as brittle.  With fine color and well cut, a specimen over two carats is considered a collector's stone (photo; custom ring design by Lisa Voelker, handcrafted by Tom Owczarzak).  Demantoid (a variety of the speicies andradite garnet) is the superstar of garnet family. Fist discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia, this gem is characterized by a signature horsetail inclusion...which you definitely WANT in your gem.  This is the only garnet that has a dispersion (sparkle) higher that diamond.  During the late twentieth century they were been found in small deposits in Africa, the Alps, and Mexico. Demantoids are best set in a pendant.  All garnets are sensitive to heat so take care in cleaning.
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