Choosing How to Have Your Diamond Set

Consider how you live and what you do for a living when choosing your ring and how your main stone is set.  

Both paper and bedsheets are very abrasive to prongs so consider a setting style other than prongs.  If you're pretty certain your ring is never going to come off except for the annual cleaning, whether-it-needs-it-or-not, or if you wear loosely woven clothes, or know that you're "hard" on your jewelry, etc etc then consider something other than prongs and stay far, far away from the popular, but delicate, microset ring designs.  Choices for setting your mainstone include hammer set, bezel set, channel set or bright set.  

Hammer set has a close cousin, gypsy set.  For both, the stone is flush set into the surface of the metal with a bead of metal pushed over the girdle around the entire circumference.  Your diamond is set into what looks like a slice of a thick-walled piece of drinking straw when you have your stone bezel set.  In channel setting, the girdle of a gemstone is set into a groove located on either side of a channel.  Bright setting is an old and beautiful technique where the stone is set in the metal, similar to hammer set, but then little beads similar to tiny prongs, are pushed up and over the edge of the girdle of the diamond; depending on the size of the mainstone, there might be 3 beads at four different points around the edge of the girdle.

Photo: Exclusive Diamond Ring Design featuring a bezel set diamond main stone and bright set accent stones in the underbar.  By Tom Owczarzak of Jan David, Inc (All Animal Jewelry, Jan David Design Jewelry, Tosa Fine Jewelry)

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