Amethyst, Citrine and Ametrine - Quartz by Any Other Name

Quartz, in it's pure state, is colorless.  What give it color are modifying minerals.  Manganese is response for the color purple in amethyst.  Citrine gets it's color from iron and iron oxides.  Citrine is primarily the product of Brazil for both natural and heated specimens.  For many citrine on the market, they started life as a smokey quartz or a poor quality amethyst geode.  Ametrine is a bi-color variety of quartz, the banding of amethyst and citrine.  Tom prefers to call it citrithyst. LOL!  Bolivia is the only known source fro commercial qualities of ametrine, a popular stone for gem carvers.

Photo: Citrine Pendant Hand Made and Exclusive Design by Lisa Voelker of Jan David, Inc (All Animal Jewelry, Jan David Design Jewelry, and Tosa Fine Jewelry)

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