The Mythical Dragon

 Our realistic Dragon Pendant has beautiful detail, front and back. Handmade with scales, fangs, a superbly serpentine tail twisting and turning, the large folded wings with claws, and the serrated mane draping down the back.  Our Dragon Pendant has a large bail to finish the legendary creature, perfect for a large leather thong or chain.  

 Lisa created the original, "Drakon," using the ancient lost wax process for creating jewelry He is featured in the center. Each Dragon Pendant, in sterling silver or 14k gold, is slightly different so you will know that your Dragon Pendant is unique. The Dragon Pendant on the far left is "Barnabus" and he is handmade and cast in 14k Gold.  He is one of a several pieces in our All Animal Jewelry line of nature and animal jewelry that sort of stretches the definition of "animal" but are nonetheless amazing legendary creatures.  




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