Before and After - Making a Pendant

Tom is hard at work finishing and polishing one of our new creations, the Ocean Wave Pendant!   


Our Little Ocean Wave Pendant is created using the lost wax method, handmade, cast and finished in the Pacific Northwest, USA

Lisa created this little wave in wax, inspired by the ocean waves at Marine Street, Palomar, the Cove, Wind 'n Sea, the Shores and Scripp's. Tom is the master craftsman who invests, casts and finishes our jewelry.

Jewelry inspired by nature.











Lisa received a suggestion from a happy customer to create a Sea Lion Pendant - and so it was. 


First Lisa will get photographs of the cutest little Sea Lions she can find.  

Then she will begin to create a wax image from her Sea Lion collage.




The next phase is done by Tom, he will cast in sterling silver or 14k gold then finish and polish the rough casting to create this beautiful and realistic Sea Lion Pendant or Charm.



We Welcome Suggestions!







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