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The Mythical Dragon

 Our realistic Dragon Pendant has beautiful detail, front and back. Handmade with scales, fangs, a superbly serpentine tail twisting and turning, the large folded wings with claws, and the serrated mane draping down the back.  Our Dragon Pendant has a large bail to finish the legendary creature, perfect for a large leather thong or chain.  

 Lisa created the original, "Drakon," using the ancient lost wax process for creating jewelry He is featured in the center. Each Dragon Pendant, in sterling silver or 14k gold, is slightly different so you will know that your Dragon Pendant is unique. The Dragon Pendant on the far left is "Barnabus" and he is handmade and cast in 14k Gold.  He is one of a several pieces in our All Animal Jewelry line of nature and animal jewelry that sort of stretches the definition of "animal" but are nonetheless amazing legendary creatures.  




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Ta-Da! The Snake Ring is Going Home!

     Our Snake Ring is finally complete and gorgeous, of course!  This is a one-of-a-kind snake ring that fits over the middle two fingers and was custom fit to lovely Diana.  She came in to our store with an idea, after a creative discussion with Lisa V, she left with a sketch.  The idea was simple, she had always wanted a sterling silver snake ring to lay across all four fingers.  The snake also had to have Emerald eyes!  The custom design process took several months.  First there is the design stage of e-mailing drawings and photographs.  Then there is the fitting stage where the finished design is arranged to fit her hand.  The next stage is making and carving wax into a 3 inch snake with rings on his belly.  The wax then has to be made into a mold which we can then cast the actual snake in sterling silver.  The last phase is to set those beautiful marquise emeralds as eyes.

Ta-Da!  A magnificent piece of art as well as jewelry.  

Here is our very happy and lovely Diane wearing her All Animal Jewelry pieces.  By the way, we did not ask her to wear only our original designs  to pick up her jewelry; it was just a happy coincidence.  Notice her Cat Pawjama pendant, her Cat Angel and her Cat Ring are all found here to purchase for yourself as well!

Finished Snake Ring

If you have any ideas for a piece of jewelry you would like custom designed please e-mail us at:  We would be happy to give you an estimate.  Tom and Lisa have 32+ years of experience creating original jewelry and can take a photograph and create a gold or silver keepsake.  

In the past people have celebrated the birth of a child with a custom pendant and engraved it with the babies initials to send to all of the eager relatives.  Maybe you have a business and want to have custom charms or pendants created for Christmas gifts, incentives, or to celebrate a milestone.  We can also commemorate a beloved pet with a tangible memento.  

If you can dream it, Tom and Lisa can design and create it!  See our DIY, Pet Portrait section for past creations.

Here is a video of Tom casting sterling silver Angel Pendants!

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4th of July Fun

Hey! Hey! Hey! Check this out! It's 4th of July and what a way to get in to the spirit of celebration. Nothing says "party and good times" like festive balloons and here at All Animal Jewelry we are ready to celebrate with family and friends. We hope this glorious Independence Day finds you all happy, healthy, and thankful for where you live. And by the way, Jan David Design Jewelry carries our product, so stop in and see our wonderful items.

Bald Eagle in Flight      Find Us at Jan David!


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