Lesson Learned

  The Big Nestucca River in Pacific City, OR was peaceful and lazy as it headed toward the Pacific Ocean. This particular stretch of river passed by sand dunes on the west side and houses along the east side. Enjoying the sunny day on the water was a flock of geese that were taking a break in their migration to the north. Swimming, catching some lunch and hanging out together on the lazy river seemed the best of all worlds for this flock of feathered friends. Out of the far northeast came two small specks that were riding the air currents and as they got closer to the winding river, they could be recognized as a pair of Bald Eagles. One was a mature eagle with a large wing span and the smaller one appeared to be a fledgling getting some much need instruction on the ins and outs of being a Bald Eagle. The geese went on alert as the eagles swooped closer and then in a rush of wings and water they rose from the river in mass and started to leave. One of the geese was not as quick as the others and was still sitting on the river when the mature eagle dive bombed to the river. SMACK!!  The eagle caught the goose and lifted it to shore where the fledgeling joined him.  As the fledgeling enjoyed a lunch of goose, the adult took off and suddenly dive bombed back to earth SMACK into the little eagle and sent him sailing end over end. When the little eagle finally got himself right side up again, the adult had an intense talk with him. Sometimes the hardest lessons are the ones learned best.

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