Paws and Sand Dollars

Wave Sun, surf, sand, and sand dollars. There can't be a better combination on a beautiful spring day. Tess, a mini Australian Shepherd, and I went beach combing down at Wi-Ne-Ma beach. The sky was a bright blue with clouds that drifted by on the light breeze and the sparkle of the sun on the shifting and breaking waves made the day even more lovely. We headed north towards the mouth of the Nestucca River and since the tide was out, we could actually wander our way around the ocean side of the big rocks. Tess found more items of interest there than I did. She found moss, rocks, streams of water meandering down from the hillside to the ocean, and gulls to bark at. I found broken shells, some agate beds, and sea foam stranded at the tide line. After checking out the wave action at the mouth of the river and waving to some folks on the Pacific City side, Tess and I heaSand Dollarded south to see what treasures the tides may have left on the south side of the outlet from Wi-Ne-Ma lake. Sure enough, after wading through the outlet, we found curving beds of shells and small rocks along the tide lines. As I followed Tess's paw prints along the waters edge and through the shell beds I happened upon an unbroken sand dollar. The great Pacific Ocean was giving up her treasures to the hunters and in the late afternoon sun Tess and I found eight unbroken sand dollars and three agates. 

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