A Dragonfly Wish

Our lives, our world, are filled with so many possibilities!  It can be quite exciting, interesting and thought provoking, or, dismissed as "new age."  I find the world to be an amazing place and frequently customers have stories of experiences which underscore that viewpoint. 

Recently a woman came in who had been struggling with cancer therapy.  She was awaiting her appointment and found the tension too much so she went outside, sat down and closed her eyes and soon was deep in thought and prayer asking for help, asking for healing, asking for hope.  And then she asked for a sign, and because she admires dragonflies she asked for a a sign somehow involving a dragonfly.  She spent several minutes in quiet, earnest reflection, struggling to have faith and confidence and strength.

And then she opened her eyes.

And there, delicately perched on a leaf directly in front of her, was a beautiful and very large dragonfly.  In the next moment, as surprise was quickly followed by overwhelming fascination, joy, and goosebumps, she looked, really looked, at the dragonfly.  And the dragonfly...she swiveled her head to the side and looked right back.  The woman and dragonfly regarded each other for several minutes, they didn't take their eyes off of each other.  The woman was filled with gratitude, and hope.

And the cancer...was gone.Dragonfly Pendant in Silver

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