Hummingbirds at My Window

Just a little story about the smallest of birds.     Lisa's Hummingbird

It was a beautiful early summer day and I was reading with my back to my mother's big picture window that looks out over La Jolla aHummingbird with Rubynd the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  The still of the morning and my complete immersion in the book was abruptly interrupted by a sudden, and what seemed, staccato beat against the window. While we did not often have bird window strike, the sound is unmistakable and always elicits in me an emergency response. Whipping around and scanning the foliage at the base of the window there was no detectable sign of bird or animal.  Dropping the book and running out the front door, carefully picking my way across the close dichondra lawn, again there was nothing to be found. Standing as still as I could, scanning the area slowly and carefully, hoping for some movement, precious moments ticked away.  Trauma for birds and animals is similar to trauma for humans, the sooner first aid is applied the more promising the recovery.

Tom's Hummingbird pendantI let out my breath and began to turn when there was something different, something not quite right.  Looking across the lawn and focusing on a leaf, it was instead a hummingbird!  It was only in bending and reaching out to, then carefully grasping the tiny Anna's Hummingbird, that I realized the tiny leaf next to it was a baby hummingbird!  Gathering up the baby in my other hand I took both birds inside, sat down, transferred the baby to the same hand as it's mother, then loosely closed my hand around them enveloping them in darkness and warmth to recover. I continued reading and, about ten minutes later, felt the birds begin to stir.  Exiting the house to the back yard where there is plenty of hummingbird habitat in sprawling bottlebrush and bougainvillaea, I extended my arm and carefully unfurled my fingers.  Mother and baby soon stood up, stepped onto a finger as a perch, and in a blink zipped chirping through the air to a bottlebrush on the hillside.  All was well. 

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