An Octopus Greets Me

Octopus with a Pearl in silverA favorite friend has a favorite story of one of my most favorite sea creatures, the amazing octopus.  My friend, Damien, also happens to be, by sheer good fortune, my daughter's husband and a fellow beach bum.  Damien, a surfer, enjoys the wonders and spectacle of the ocean's creatures and has a fascination for the tide pools and, like me, had been searching for octopus in tide pools for years.  Damien found his octopus, in spades, when he found an area of tide pools along the southern California coastline that is a nursery of sorts for young octopi.  Turn over a rock and, voila!, a small octopus. Another rock, another octopus.  It doesn't seem right to me, and he has yet to prove it, but so his story goes.  In any case, the cool part is that Damien, very carefully, brought one of the small octopi home with him and put it in a salt water aquarium.  Damien dutifully read, looked up online and consulted with any and everyone he could on the care of said magical creature, the octopus.   The octopus thrived in the tank, which was just inside the entry door to Damien's beach side surfer shack.  The octopus loved to be scratched and touched and Damien enjoyed the interaction with the octopus.  In no time, the octopus and Damien knew each other's rhythms and habits, sounds and routine.  When Damien would come home, the octopus would be waiting, as a dog would, expectant and watchful, pressed up to the glass on the side near the door, tentacles busily reaching out and exploring.  The octopus would only be appeased when Damien dropped everything, gave the octopus a treat and spent some time scratching and playing with the octopus!  Eventually, Damien released the octopus to the area where it had been found.  Damien has never forgotten that incredible gift in sharing his home and life with an octopus.  I'm envious, of course, and express myself in miniature sculptures of the magnificent octopus.

Custom ocopus in silver and gold

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