Ot the Otter, part ll

Otter in a heart pendant Ot the Otter loved the water! As a child I thought she would know automatically how to swim, but she didn't. Mother otters teach their young how to swim and survive, but since Ot didn't have a mother otter our mom taught her to swim in our family bathtub. At first the water was warm and just high enough for her to stand in and get there feet wet. Then the water got a little higher and cooler until she was floating just off the bottom of the tub and learned how to paddle. She loved being in the water and had our black lab Buster as her partner in play. They had the creek running through the back yard and the creek running through the culvert under the logging road on the north side of the horse pasture to play in. When they were done for the day, they would come racing in the back door. Buster shook himself dry in the kitchen while Ot headed full blast for the rug in the living room. Her nose would touch the rug, her front feet would go back against her body and she would push with her back feet while turning over and over. This is how she would move the oil from her glands over her pelt to make it waterproof. 

Otter Ring   

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