Lost Crow


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As days go, it started out uneventfully. The shop was open for business and all things were progressing smoothly. Later in the afternoon though, our first-ever feathered customer decided to swoop in for a closer look at the jewelry. As the large black crow swept into the shop it must have thought the very large north window was another exit. Unfortunately, it was not. A loud bang was heard as the crow crashed into the glass. The crow regained its senses and continued on it's exploratory flight around the shop. All the customers and staff ducked out of it's way except for Lisa (our fearless leader!). She calmly got a big towel, told everyone to stay back, and approached our feathered customer as he took a breather in the front window. She put the towel over him and gently, but firmly, picked him up (all the while telling him that he really didn't need to come back), and set him free outside. The visit from our fine feathered friend was the talk of the afternoon.

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