Easter Chicken

Rooster Pendant in Sterling Silver, jewelry The day after Easter I opened our front door to a good friend standing on the front porch with a paper bag in his hand, which he immediately handed to me.  Puzzled I reached for the bag as he explained it as an unwanted Easter gift he didn't know what to do with.  For inexplicable reasons some people have it in their minds that animals are great gifts, whether it's Christmas, Easter, Rooster in Silver!         a birthday, or some other occasion. My friend had received three chicks, little balls of yellow fluff and a beak. One had died, the other did so as I peered into the bag, and the last became a member of our household.  I was in high school in a very urban area but people who knew me at all knew I loved animals, which is why the chicks literally ended up in my hands.  The little chick was named Ping after a favorite children's book about a little duck that lived on a Chinese junk.  Ping did very well and took to following my wonder dog, Nikki.  When Nikki's bowl was put outside for her, both would come running.  Nikki would roll her eyes, leery of Ping, for no sooner did she try to lap up a morsel than, fast as lightning, Ping would peck at her pink tongue.  With one exception our neighbors delighted in Ping's addition to the neighborhood.  Our family's home is on a bit of a knoll, the front yard is a grassy lawn with a flat area up near the front door and it is here that Nikki would often sit and watch the neighbors drive by.  Ping, who matured into a robust white Leghorn hen, would hesitatingly strut up to Nikki, walk behind her front legs and then nestle down between them. As one, the two of them would watch the traffic go by.  It was quite a sight, cause for many a smile, and has long been a favorite story.                                                                   Bulldog pendant in SilverBull Dog pendant in silver



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