Sterling Silver Rabbit & Flowers Oval Pendant


Brand: All Animal Jewelry

Our pretty Rabbit & Flowers Oval Pendant, handmade jewelry in silver and 14k gold. For yourself, for anyone who has a per Rabbit, or raises a Rabbit as a 4-H gift, or for a friend.  Such a cute Rabbit sitting among flowers, a Pendant is for anyone to enjoy! This bunny Pendant is handmade sterling silver animal jewelry at it's cutest! Made in the USA, this Rabbit Pendant is the best Rabbit Pendant for you because of the intricate detail and because we make certain the back is finished as nicely as the front! All Animal Jewelry is committed to creating beautiful animal jewelry for all of us who admire the animal kingdom and those of us who have pets we love.  Handmade in the USA, jewelry in silver or 14k gold.

Size(s): 17 x 25 mm, 11/16 x 1 inch

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We all grew up with tales of Peter Rabbit and the lovely images in Beatrix Potter's books.  Rabbits are such pretty animals.  Lisa created this pretty rabbit pendant of a bunny in a garden setting.