• Graceful.. Inspirational.. Exciting… Nature.

  • You never know who you will meet at the beach..... go...

  • Wild things....... you make my heart sing........

  • You make my every thing Groovy .........

  • It was the "who" that I heard in the night ………..

  • If you want to get wet..... go where its warm.......... Happy New Year!


Tree of Life handmade USA jewelry pendant silver 14k
from $85.00 Tree of Life Pendant
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Sting Ray Pendant
from $45.00 Sting Ray Pendant
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Sperm Whale Mother and Babies Heart Pendant
from $95.00 Sperm Whale Mother and Babies Heart Pendant
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Sea Turtle Pendant
from $50.00 Sea Turtle Pendant
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Welcome!  For all who admire the world we live in, we hope you will find the piece of jewelry you've been looking for! Enjoy a piece of our pretty animal jewelry as a memento, a totem, a keepsake, a special gift, or as a symbol.  Each piece of our handmade jewelry is as special as the reason you desire it!

Our silver is solid 925 (European) Sterling Silver (United States).  Our gold is solid 14k, 18k or 20k gold.  Our gems or pearls are not dyed.  Each gem and pearl is unique and will closely resemble the one photographed. All Animal Jewelry is made in the USA.

Dragon Candle SnufferWe recycle. We compost.  We make every effort to recycle and reuse everything possible.  The package and contents you receive is recyclable.

If there is a piece you desire that is not yet part of our collection, please contact us!  We may have it, or, if it is a piece we can use in our collection there will be a minimal fee.  Do you want an image of your pet? Well then, get one!  Order a DIY Pet Portrait, as a one-of-a-kind creation for you; there is a design fee. 

Thank you for shopping All Animal Jewelry.  We support and donate to animal rescue and care. 

    All Animal Jewelry

Visit our Facebook page to keep up with new animals like our Sea Turtle and soon, a Carousel Horse.  Please suggest new pieces to be made!



The Mythical Dragon
May 22, 2013

 Our realistic Dragon Pendant has beautiful detail, front and back. Handmade with scales, fangs, a superbly serpentine tail twisting and turning, the large folded wings with claws, and the serrated mane draping down the back.  Our Dragon Pendant has a large...

Before and After
April 24, 2013

Ta-Da! The Snake Ring is Going Home!
August 30, 2012

     Our Snake Ring is finally complete and gorgeous, of course!  This is a one-of-a-kind snake ring that fits over the middle two fingers and was custom fit to lovely Diana.  She came in to our store with an idea,...

Custom Snake Ring
August 30, 2012